Wilfred den Hartog


“Plasmacure has a solid foundation with the CE-certified PLASOMA, excellent clinical data and a highly competent and driven team. I look forward to working with the team to offer our solution on a global scale to help people with chronic wounds. In the end, that’s what drives us!”

Bas Zeper

Founder & CTO

“When chronic wounds heal, people are able to function with more independence. They regain control of their lives and this would be amazing. Patients with chronic wounds often suffer considerably. PLASOMA is, therefore, a very meaningful innovation.”

Koen lim


“Care for complex wounds can and must be improved. Many wounds remain open for too long. Cold plasma treatment can provide a solution by stimulating the healing of wounds. This is why I am happy to contribute my long experience in the medical market to the groundbreaking treatment method of PLASOMA.”

Niels Boudeling


“It excites me to give people with chronic open wounds a much more comfortable life! I am happy that I can use my financial knowledge, experience and decisiveness to ensure that the innovative PLASOMA cold plasma system be accessible to a bigger community.”

Andrea Santana

Field Application Specialist / Study monitor

“Having dealt with complex wounds in my nursing career and knowing the physical and mental impact it has, I feel that PLASOMA is a sigh of relief for many. It excites me that our team is able to introduce this groundbreaking treatment method to the world. You can’t help but to feel moved as well as inspired!” 

Anel van Eyssen

Field Application Specialist

“As a nurse, I saw  how much impact a chronic wound can have on someone’s life. Plasmacure breathes new life into wound care technology. I support wound care professionals in using PLASOMA cold plasma system to help patients in the best possible way.”

Floor Gabriels

R&D engineer

“When developing a medical product, I use my technical knowledge to work on a solution to a social problem. That’s important to me. The knowledge I gained earlier about plasma is very useful at Plasmacure. No day is the same, that’s the nice thing about a start-up.”

Gerdi Diepeveen

Sales manager

“Plasmacure really adds an innovative possibility to the treatment of wounds that show delayed healing. From my background as a nurse, I believe that treatment with PLASOMA cold plasma should be the obvious choice. What a challenging mission to market this innovation!”  

Hülya van Os-Togayli

Quality Manager

“As a team you are responsible for quality, that’s what we go for. Without compromising on quality, I contribute to the simplification of processes, so that products reach the market faster and better. Also very interesting is the development to bring the product closer to the people: for use at home.” 

Jeroen Mulder

R&D Electrical Engineer

“Plasmacure is a company where people work for people. It is very rewarding to work cooperatively in order to develop a socially relevant product that will help people. With this unique medical innovation I am contributing to the well-being of others.”

Joost den Hollander


“What we develop and produce can considerably improve the quality of life. Making this med-tech application accessible to people from an operational perspective is a worthwhile challenge. This can only succeed in well-organized cooperation with regional and global (partner) suppliers.”

Judit Toth

Application specialist

“When I learned about this novel cold plasma technology, I was intrigued immediately to participate. From my surgical experience I know how complex wounds can seriously effect quality of life. It would be great to make plasma medicine part of standard of care and use PLASOMA in first line treatment.”

Lian van Lippen

Clinical Study Manager

“When setting up and monitoring clinical studies, I see much of the daily practice in wound care. Patient stories can often be very intense. You know when you are doing something worthwhile when the doctors and patients get enthusiastic about the cold plasma treatment. This work is extremely worthwhile.”

Maarten Hieltjes

Clinical Trial Manager / Clinical Scientist

“We know that the technology works. Now we also see patients and caregivers becoming convinced of the benefits of PLASOMA; by the treatment itself and the clinical results. I like to apply my experience in clinical research for this. This way we can really make a difference for people with chronic wounds.” 

Paulien Smits

Biomedical Officer

“I find the medical applications of cold plasma fascinating. The research into and the development of a meaningful product has proved to be more fun, more valuable and more challenging than I would have imagined. No small thanks go to my lovely and talented colleagues; together we form a close-knit team.”

Sofie Baselmans

R&D Project Manager

“I am very proud of where we are now with PLASOMA and the team. The knowledge provided by my colleagues leads to plenty of good ideas. As a start-up, ideas are chosen that are best suited. It’s great to create something new together without being hindered by outdated ideas.”

Suzanne Donker

Marketing & Communications Manager

“The more I learn about the issues regarding chronic wounds, the more I feel the urgency to get this groundbreaking cold plasma product to the people so that they have a chance for wounds to heal. This would have a major impact on their lives and on those around them.”

Tamara Pharadashvili

Communications Officer

“I enjoy working for companies that bring value to society with their products. For me it is equally interesting and pleasurable to bring the information and awareness about PLASOMA to a wider society. I am happy to be part of this journey together with a wonderful team.”