Whitepaper: Stimulation of wound healing using cold plasma

Plasma is often associated with blood plasma, that is to be expected in the world of wound care. However, there is a different kind of plasma: a gas that has been ionised. Studies* show this plasma has a strong bactericidal effect, even on antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Infection is one of the most common complications of hard-to-heal and non-healing wounds. In this whitepaper several studies are presented with the following effects of cold plasma treatment:

• Cold plasma inactivates multidrug-resistant bacteria and deactivates biofilms

After 2 to 5 seconds cold plasma only 1 in 100.000 MRSA bacteria survives.

• Cold plasma stimulates cell migration and cell proliferation

Induction of the cells that regenerate the epidermis was observed after exposure of 1 and 3 minutes.

• Cold plasma improves microcirculation

Within 10 minutes after treatment the hemoglobin level and oxygen saturation have increased significantly. A treatment with cold plasma influences not only microcirculation at the surface, but to a depth of 8 mm.

• Clinical trial Amsterdam UMC with an indication of wound healing stimulation

In 3-year old wounds (on average) the mean wound surface decrease was 43% in 2 weeks. Two wounds were even closed completely.

*Sources: see whitepaper

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