Plasma medicine

Plasma Medicine is a new field of application of cold plasma technology. A cold plasma is created by ionizing a gas by means of a strong electric field. It is called ‘cold’ because the temperature remains low. Different reactive molecules are formed by the ionization. Cold plasma is already widely used in the manufacturing industry for pre-treat and clean surfaces. It is also used to disinfect medical equipment. We make the step to apply cold plasma to living matter (in-vivo). From air (O 2 , N 2 and some H 2 O) a cocktail of highly reactive radicals is created such as ozone, NO-, O-, N- which are very effective for killing bacteria.

illustration explaining the contents of cold plasma

Direct plasma

Plasmacure uses a direct plasma  where the entire closed volume between the pad and the wound is filled with cold plasma. A direct type of source has the advantage that the plasma is present at the wound directly. The benefit of a closed system is that the reactive species cannot escape and therefore  we can create a strong plasma. In addition the electric field stimulates cell proliferation. The basic principle can be seen in the figure opposite: the plasma is between the electrode and (here) the finger.

Medical benefits of direct plasma

The medical benefits of a strong direct plasma for wound healing are:

  • Efficient killing of bacteria and viruses by a high concentration of radicals.
  • The electric field that generates the cold plasma directly into the wound stimulates cell proliferation.
  • Improvement of the microcirculation of the blood in the wound area.