Patient story #1: Werd van der Horst about his wound after an amputation and PLASOMA – video 

Werd van der Horst, diabetes patient: promising treatment with PLASOMA

Patient Werd van der Horst and Ingrid Ruys, diabetes podiatrist Máxima MC in Veldhoven, talk about the treatment of a large hole between the first and fourth toe of Werd’s foot. Two toes were amputated and a lot of extra tissue was also removed. This large wound had great result  after treatments with PLASOMA. Werd experienced the treatment as painless and very simple. 

Ingrid Ruys: “I see real progress in the wound, the wound closure is going extremely well.” 

Watch the video for information about the treatment and the wound: 

Werd van der Horst and Ingrid Ruys

Werd talked about the origin and impact of the wound

“I have diabetes, causing the blood flow through the small vessels to be bad. Last summer I fell off my bike while on vacation. I had all kinds of scrapes, including on my toe. Then I started treating the wound with plasters myself. After a while my toe turned black. When I had it looked at, the toe turned out to be beyond saving. The toe was amputated in that same month.

After a few weeks, it turned out that an infection spread to the next toe and bone. A second operation immediately followed to remove the second toe, along with a large area around it. That was very painful. You shouldn’t walk with such a wound, there should be no pressure at all. Then you suddenly have to sit all day with your foot up on a bench. That is very difficult to maintain. I am always cycling and walking and I have a large garden to work in. That was suddenly no longer possible, and I couldn’t walk my dog anymore.”

Werd has the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of Plasmacure with PLASOMA cold plasma treatment. He talks about the effect with great enthusiasm:

“Judging by the medical professional, I can see that she is surprised at how well the wound is healing. The wound has to close from the bottom up and that is happening at an enormous pace. I am extremely satisfied with the result.

When the wound is closed I can pick up my old life again. Just normal life: regularly riding a bike, playing golf and visiting my children who live a little further away. That I look forward to.”

This video was made in November 2021. The wound has now closed and Werd has been able to pick up his active lifestyle again.

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