Patient story #2: Johan van Thull, after 4 years finally back on the motorbike

Interview 29th March 2022

“For 10 years I was unaware that I had diabetes. That really took its toll on my body. Due to neuropathy, a type of nerve damage, I lost feeling in my lower legs. It also meant that because of this I have severe nerve pain which requires strong painkillers. Because I did not feel anything in my lower legs, I didn’t notice that my feet and ankles became crooked. Without realizing it, I had bone infections, which continued to worsen. Now the entire bone structure in my feet has deteriorated. Orthopaedic shoes are needed in such cases to prevent the skin from breaking. Unfortunately, that did happen, along with all the consequences that followed.

Four years ago, I had a wound on my right foot which wouldn’t close. I then started a program at the Radboud UMC Wound Expertise Centre (RUWEC). For wounds to heal it is very important that there is absolutely no pressure on the wound. I had a full cast on my lower leg and was not allowed to walk. I couldn’t even reach the toilet or bathroom without a wheelchair. The plaster was replaced weekly for four years! A range of medications and treatments were used regularly: antibiotics, all kinds of creams, wound treatments, everything that was available. The wound shrunk, but remained open. After 4 years, I was told in December 2021 that the risk was very high that the inflammation would spread to the rest of my leg; it was better to take off my lower leg now than the whole leg at a later date. The amputation was already planned.”

“You have no idea what it feels like to be locked up for years, to be isolated from society in one fell swoop.”

“In November I saw the Editie NL broadcast with Plasmacure on RTL4. I contacted my internist about this treatment. She contacted the wound care contact of RUWEC. In December he started PLASOMA treatment. After 9 weeks the wound was closed! I got my life back and I am eternally grateful to Plasmacure!

A non-healing wound causes unimaginable limitations to one’s existence. You are isolated at home, stuck in a wheelchair. You have no idea what it feels like to be locked up for years, to be isolated from society in one fell swoop. Everything becomes an obstacle. It has also caused a lot of uncertainty about the survival of my company. After moving freely for 53 years and managing 20 people it is a huge restriction to not be able to move a step. I also had a lot of pain and was in a predicament with my health. It just got worse and worse in every way. In terms of pain, social contacts, work, family, etc.

Now the wound is closed. This recovery makes life much easier. I am incredibly grateful to Plasmacure, I have my life back. Mobility is so important. I can drive again, walk, make trips, visit the office and this also improves my fitness. What I have missed the most is to participate in society. I can now go everywhere again. Even though I am still not healthy, I am able to feel like someone who is part of society. Motorcycling is my hobby, I can finally do that again! That’s fantastic. My wife and I out on the bike – we haven’t ridden together in years! I feel so good when I’m on the bike, it’s amazing that it’s possible again!”

Johan tells about the treatment with PLASOMA

“I am 100% convinced that this recovery is due to PLASOMA cold plasma treatment. And that is of course a very logical conclusion when you have tried everything available within such a specialist department four years long. Then you start with PLASOMA treatment and after two weeks the wound is already halved! The skin is now closed and the area looks very calm. In total I had 13 treatments. At the foot clinic they also see that the wound has healed incredibly quickly. The wound closed in February, now the wound is opened a little every week to remove a wound infection under the skin. This is followed by PLASOMA cold plasma treatment. The treatment is very patient-friendly. The treatment wound is closed again after two days. Now we are really in the last phase, I don’t think the wound needs to be opened this week or the next. Then I will get an orthopaedic shoe for my right foot.”

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Johan van Thull on motprbike