While Plasmacure’s treatment for wound healing may at first sound like fantasy, it is actually delivering excellent results. In short: A pulser sends electronic currents to a special patch, which induces a cold plasma that boosts wound healing.

Plasmacure’s innovation is about to improve the life of diabetes patients around the world.

Breeding ground
Medtech startup Plasmacure choses to build its business from High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Bas Zeper, founder and director of Plasmacure: “I have worked here for quite some time, so I know my way around here. I find the Campus a great breeding ground for start-ups with excellent facilities. We used the services of the EMC testing center and Philips Innovation Services for example. And of course our partner TU/e is nearby.”

Brand new treatment
The use of cold plasma discharge for wound healing is brand new. And it offers great benefits. Especially for patients with poor wound healing capabilities such as diabetic patients. Within this group the so called diabetic foot, causes all kinds of complications which can even result in amputation. Bas Zeper: “With our treatment we effectively kill bacteria in the wound, stimulate tissue growth and improve the local blood flow and therefore boost the healing process. And it is a simple and well tolerated treatment. Patients get placed a simple pad and their wound is treated with the plasma for just one minute a day. We are currently running a clinical trial at VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam.”

With its promising results, the finding of Plasmacure gains international attention in the medical community and beyond. Bas Zeper: “Our current pilot is funded by the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation since our treatment may improve the live of diabetes patients considerably. Furthermore the medical community involved in wound care is watching our treatment with great interest. We are also looking into treatments for burns and other inflammatory wounds.”

Source: High Tech Campus

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