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This article describes the Tv-broadcast (in Dutch) of October 30, 2021, episode 303. At the end of this news item you will find a link to an English subtitled video about patient Werd van der Horst and diabetes podiatrist Ingrid Ruys. That video provides more background information about the treatment.

Watch the broadcast (in Dutch):

Lightning as a medicine, how is that possible?

Bas Zeper, founder of Plasmacure, tells how PLASOMA heals open wounds with a kind of controlled lightning. A cold plasma pad is placed on the wound and secured with a sticker. A cable is then connected to which high voltage is applied which is strong enough to make ‘controlled lightning’ in the air cavities  underneath the pad. This disinfects the wound and stimulates the blood flow and growth of new tissue in the wound area. Early results show that of the 20 chronic open wounds, 12 had healed within an average of 8 weeks.

Werd van der Horst (patient) and Ingrid Ruys (Diabetes podiatrist at Máxima Medical Centre)

The danger of open wounds: startling numbers

In the Netherlands alone about 170,000 people a year suffer from wounds that do not close. As a result, about 2,500 people have a toe, arm or, for example, a leg amputated. In fact, about 1,500 people die each year due to complications with open wounds.

Werd van der Horst, diabetes patient: promising treatment with PLASOMA

This is how patient Werd van der Horst and Ingrid Ruys, Diabetes podiatrist at Máxima MC came into the picture. The broadcast shows a large hole between the first and fourth toes of Werd’s foot: two toes amputated and a lot of extra tissue has also been removed. And then this large wound is treated with PLASOMA, with good results. Werd experienced the treatment as painless and very simple.

Martijn van Griensven, professor of Regenerative Medicine: ways to close wounds

At this point it is customary to cover a wound with new skin. But that’s not easy. Martijn van Griensven tells us about it.

“You can do two different things: on the one hand, you can scrape off some of your own skin with a cheese slicer and place it on the wound. But of course you make another wound with that method. What is also liked in the hospital is, among other things, using dried pig skin. It is very similar to human skin. And you can attach it very neatly. Both methods are hassles. So if we have something else that can be pulled out of the hat, so to speak, that’s perfect of course.”

Watch the video of Werd and Ingrid and PLASOMA cold plasma treatment:

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