Clinical trials (PETH & PULSE) with PLASOMA cold plasma

We have worked hard together on two randomized clinical trials (PETH & PULSE) with PLASOMA cold plasma. Preliminary results of the PETH study, in which complex wounds were treated in a home setting, were presented. The result is impressive: the study shows that about 2/3 of the wounds closed with PLASOMA (twice a week) compared to ¼ with standard wound care alone.

Dermatologist Joost van der Kleij (principal investigator of the PETH study): “PLASOMA has an effect, the results are so important that people can continue with it and certainly should. The study was designed very professionally.”

Esther Bruls, nurse specialist & wound consultant Zuyderland: “It is important to keep up with new developments and to be able to offer our patients something new. The device is easy to use and easy to learn.”

We thank everyone to make these studies possible and look forward to 2024.

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clinical team that worked on randomised clinical trial with PLASOMA cold plasma therapy