Poster EWMA: Cold plasma Treatment for Chronic Wounds in a Low-Income Country: A Case Series

Poster EWMA – 3 mei 2023

Authors: L. Stoeldraaijers*, G.J. Spencer, A.Z. Perez, K. Lim
Institution: Podotherapie Valkenswaard


High-quality wound care in low-income countries is challenging due to limited funds, resources, materials, and qualified wound care providers. In Sint Maarten (Caribbean), complex wounds presented at local wound care clinics are often more severe than those in the U.S. or Western Europe. Despite the high demand for advanced therapies, financial constraints limit their availability.

This case series examines the effectiveness of cold atmospheric plasma therapy for chronic wounds in this population.

Wound closure - photos of wounds before and during PLASOMA treatment

Wound area reduction versus Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) treatment duration for all wounds (n=15)


Incorporating innovative advanced technologies like cold atmospheric plasma treatment can significantly improve wound healing, even in non-optimal practice environments. 

The results look promising: of the 15 wounds treated with PLASOMA, of which 87% moderately to severely infected and a wound age of 610 days on average, 47% healed with an average treatment time of 13.6 weeks.

Even when resources are limited, it is worth going the extra mile to provide advanced wound care solutions.

*Lead author and presenter; Podotherapie Valkenswaard

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