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The electronic pad contains a cold plasma that kills bacteria and promotes wound healing. What makes this concept unique is the pad’s supreme flexibility, allowing it to adhere nicely to the wound area which is essential to effective treatment. The pad is placed over the wound and connected to the pulser. After a brief treatment time, typically 1 minute, the pad is removed. The pads are designed for one-off use and the treatment is entirely painless.


A device called the pulser sends electric current to the pad. Operation is simple: you simply press on the button to start the treatment. The treatment time can be monitored on the display; the pulser controls the current and automatically shuts off in the event of any irregularities. The pulser can be used repeatedly and lasts for years.

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The wound

Feet can develop sores or ulcers for a variety of reasons which run the risk of becoming chronic wounds. This figure shows a wound on the heel, but the flexible pad can be placed anywhere on the foot.

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About Plasmacure

We are a med-tech start-up in Eindhoven. Our dedicated team of entrepreneurs and specialists has come up with an innovative treatment for healing chronic wounds: the cold plasma pad. This is an electronic pad that helps wounds heal faster and better, while costing less than current treatments. We are working hard to develop this new product by sharing our inspiration and knowledge. The goal is to treat at least 200 patients in diverse clinics.

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